Facebook updates Ads Manager to make it more user-friendly

It’s no secret that Facebook is trying to make its advertising more accessible. The company has pared down its ad units and placed a focus on the end goal for advertisers.

Now the Ads Manager has been simplified so advertisers can see the key metrics more easily. Facebook announced these updates Wednesday, and the company hopes that it makes the utility easier to use.

It’s now simpler for marketers to customize, save and schedule ad reports, effectively measure reach (or whatever metrics matter most to the advertiser), and break out performance by demographics, placement and country.

Facebook explained the changes in a blog post:

Facebook’s Ads Manager provides campaign management, optimization, and reporting features to help marketers build effective ad campaigns. Much like our recent updates to Page Insights, we’re making Ads Manager easier to use and more actionable. We think these updates will help advertisers measure the performance of their campaigns in real-time so they can build even more effective future campaigns on Facebook.


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These changes could help Facebook attract new advertisers, as it could make the Ads Manager simpler and less scary to use. Facebook recently celebrated its 1 million active advertiser mark, and appears poised to add to that.

Kristen Jones of Priceline.com praised the changes and discussed them in the blog post:

The updates to Facebook Ads Manager Reports have significantly improved the efficiency of Priceline.com’s advertising efforts on Facebook. By allowing us to drill deeply into the important campaign details directly on our Reports dashboard, we are now able to quickly interpret campaign results and develop ad-hoc reports with the metrics and dimensions most relevant to our key performance indicators. The updated campaign comparison function has decreased the number of reports we need to pull by 50 percent and the campaign summaries have minimized the time spent on sorting through spreadsheets.

Readers: How do you feel about the changes to Ads Manager?

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