Pages That Reshare Facebook Videos Are Losing Access to Some Metrics

Video creators didn't want resharing pages to be able to see certain metrics on those videos

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Facebook announced a revamp of the insights it shares with video creators and publishers on reshares of their videos, as well as with the pages doing the resharing.

The social network said in a blog post that the changes were made based on feedback from creators, which sought more information on pages resharing their videos, but did not want the resharing pages to be able to access certain metrics about those videos.

Resharing pages also expressed interest in being able to determine how much engagement reshared videos were generating.

Starting this week, pages that reshare videos will no longer have access to the retention graph, average watch time, 30-second views and detailed breakdowns of views (auto-play, click-to-play, unique and repeat visitors). Those analytics will only be available to the videos’ publishers.

The social network said it tested giving resharing pages access to minutes viewed, 10-second views and sound metrics but decided against doing so for the same reasons the other metrics are being pulled.

Resharing pages will see aggregated information about demographics and general location of video viewers, as well as graphs with daily views of reshared videos and additional breakdowns of paid vs. organic activity.

And starting in August, video creators will receive more insights on which pages are resharing their videos.

Facebook also detailed two bugs related to video reshares that were corrected.

A zero value was being displayed in the average watch time for some reshared, and resharing pages were also receiving that incorrect data.

Facebook stressed that the bugs only impacted video reshares in Page Insights, with no effect on ads insights.

Image courtesy of Molnia/iStock. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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