Facebook Welcomed New Measurement Partners for Ad Viewability, Mobile

The social network also created a partner program for marketing mix modeling

Facebook now has more than 40 measurement partners MicroStockHub/iStock
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Facebook announced the creation of a Facebook Marketing Partner program for marketing mix modeling, as well as new measurement partners in viewability and mobile applications and an update to its view tags method of measuring and verifying ad impressions on desktop and mobile browsers.

The social network announced its first MMM integrations in 2016, calling it a way to analyze how different marketing channels—television, radio, print, digital—drive sales.

Companies that are part of its new Facebook Marketing Partner program specifically for MMM include: Accenture, Analytic Edge, Analytic Partners, Annalect, Business Science Warsaw, Ebiquity, Ekimetrics, IPG Mediabrands, Ipsos MMA, Nepa, Neustar, Nielsen, Objective Partner and Rainman Consulting.

Facebook now has five partners that can independently provide ad viewability verification following the addition of Meetrics and DoubleVerify.

And Branch was added to the social network’s list of mobile measurement partners.

Facebook said in a blog post announcing the additions, “Over the past year, we’ve expanded the partnerships available to help marketers measure their Facebook ads. We now have over 40 measurement partners across a variety of capabilities including marketing mix modeling, viewability, mobile app measurement, reach, attribution, brand lift and sales lift.”

Facebook introduced view tags in 2012, when it was primarily accessed via desktop, and the social network announced some changes to better enable measurement of mobile ads:

“Moving forward, we’ll work with a more focused set of view tag providers to allow them to count impressions for verification purposes, but view tags will no longer be used for measurement purposes beyond counting. To count impressions, you’ll be able to set up view tags in Ads Manager the same way you do today. Additionally, you can continue using the Ads Manager and Ads Insights API (application-programming interface) to view impression counts. This change will apply to new campaigns starting July 1. Campaigns running before July 1 will see the updated view tags Oct. 1.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.