Facebook Will Launch Numerous Other Products, Including Location

Wondering what happened to the much-hyped location announcement at yesterday’s f8? While many were disappointed by Facebook’s decision to not officially launch location at the developer event, Facebook has many more product announcements coming. The Open Graph announcement, the primary service launched at the event, was a massive one as Facebook has essentially just launched the semantic web, forcing Google into a defensive position.

Facebook Feels Satisfied Limiting Yesterday’s Announcements

To the numerous people who are still drinking the Foursquare kool aid and were disappointed by Facebook’s non-announcement, the disappointment should have faded quickly as Facebook’s ambition slowly seeped in. Being disappointed by Facebook’s Open Graph would be the equivalent of being disappointed by the fact that a startup named Google was only launching search engine.

There’s actually few announcements to compare Facebook’s to since the company has essentially changed the future of the entire internet. That’s exactly why Facebook was perfectly satisfied leaving out any announcements about location. Additionally, announcing location would accomplish two things: reduce the impact of the Open Graph announcement as well as provide developers with too many things to digest. I spoke with many developers who were split between numerous conference sessions as they wanted to attend both.

However as far as I know, yesterday’s entire event is (or will be) available for future viewing.

Facebook’s Continued Product Roll Out

Numerous sources that AllFacebook spoke to yesterday were aware of additional impending product launches. However many of those sources were under strict NDA. We also spoke to numerous developers who got the impression that Facebook was telling various developers and partners about different products to check for leaks. While I doubt Facebook is aggressively searching for leaks, there’s no doubt that Facebook will have many more product announcements in the coming weeks and months, including location.

Facebook continues to test their location features in order to perfect the product. It’s that simple. f8, Facebook’s largest developer event, is not just about rolling out products, it’s about connecting the Facebook developer community and an opportunity for the company’s employees to celebrate some significant accomplishments. Don’t be surprised to see location rolled out in the near future but also don’t forget that the company is undertaking a much bigger task: building the semantic web. I know the mostly 20 and 30-somethings at Facebook make it look easy, but it’s nothing short of revolutionary.