I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar (About Brands On Facebook)

Women tend to be less willing than men to share personal information online, with one big exception: Brands.

Women tend to be less willing than men to share personal information online, with one big exception: Brands.

A recent U.K. survey by uSamp found that 78 percent of women said they would share brands they liked, compared with 74 percent of men.

When it comes to discussing, praising, and recommending brands they love, it turns out that women are more apt to share their thoughts online.

So isn’t this is good news for consumer brands?

It depends. If women are more likely to promote brands, it’s likely they’re also willing to disparage them too and vocalize their complaints online.

It’s important to remember that initiating social media chatter can be both positive and negative.

Consider the many organizations that have been recently attacked via social media for campaigns or initiatives recently, most visibly Susan G. Komen.

This recent research demonstrates that responding to social media crises is not a one-size fits all approach.

When developing your social media campaigns or crises responses, it’s essential to keep your audience in mind. Remember to:

Use consistent messaging

This is especially timely during a crisis.

Have a social media policy in place

This should maintain the consistency of your posts and responses across all of your channels. Include a crisis plan if your campaign goes awry.

Listen to what your audience is saying

More and more (and rightly so), organizations are tapping into social media as a customer service tool. Ask for feedback, input, and thoughts. Conduct polls and informal surveys.

Know when to take issues offline

If you’re dealing with a rant, avoid creating a long winded public exchange. Continue the conversation over phone, email, or direct message.

Understand which group you’re talking to

That will help you make the messages and responses sticky, relevant, and appropriate.

Guest writer Adele Cehrs is president of Epic P.R. Group.

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