Facebookers Want William Shatner for Governer General of Canada

While it started as a joke, a group on Facebook is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming increasingly serious about getting William Shatner to be the next Governor General of Canada. OK, fine, it’s not actually becoming increasingly serious, but there’s no doubt that the group is experiencing massive growth, currently at 40,000+ members. The whole thing was started by a single reporter from the National Post and ballooned through word of mouth.

In a report given to the National Post, Matt Hartley, the creator of the group, explained how he created it as a joke after the Canadian Prime Minister threatened to oust the current Governor General. His project quickly grew to over 30,000 supporters and the story has been on two Canadian television networks, several radio stations and BBC Scotland. Matt is a technology reporter for the NP, and found it awesome to see the virality explode. He was able to view popularity by geography, and that was really enlightening for him.

Check out Matt’s account of the growth of his page, and also his analysis of the power of viral media in today’s political culture. He writes an excellent piece and it’s worth a read. Oh, and join the group 🙂