Facebook's $100 Billion Valuation Doesn't Sound Stupid Anymore

Yesterday Facebook blew away many technology pundits with the launch of the Open Graph as everybody realized Facebook’s incredibly ambitious goals. Everybody I talk to now is practically convinced that Facebook will become as big as Google, a company which currently has a $175 billion market capitalization. Years ago at Graphing Social Patterns, Mike Arrington publicly shunned Lee Lorenzen who announced that Facebook was a $100 billion company. At the time the audience applauded Arrington for calling it “bubble-like” talk. However $100 billion is no longer unrealistic.

Rumors are suggesting that Facebook’s private stock is currently trading in the private markets at a $22 billion valuation. Much of that valuation was a result of Facebook implementing new restrictions on employee stock sales. However pretty much everybody knows that the company is now steps from taking on Google directly and blowing away AdSense. Two and a half years ago we reported that Facebook was planning to roll out the adsense killer with the use of cookies.

While it hasn’t launched yet, Facebook’s decision to let users “Like” content around the web without being logged in to Facebook makes it pretty clear that the company is preparing to roll out their ad system to the rest of the web. While the “AdSense killer” isn’t weeks away, Facebook could launch their AdSense killer in a relatively short amount of time. While most people would have said you were crazy to believe that Facebook would be worth $100 billion three years ago, it’s no longer a far fetched concept.

While it’s not there yet, most website owners are giving Facebook up the keys to a massive vault and right now it looks like nobody is going to stop them.