Facebook’s ad simplification continues with redesign of insights

Facebook’s push to remove redundancies and confusion from advertising took another big step Wednesday, as the company announced some changes to insights to make them easier to understand.

The company has clearly defined metrics such as people talking about this (PTAT) and virality, and made it much simpler to see how a post is performing. Now, page admins can see not just likes, comments, and shares, but also specifically how many clicks a post received.

Facebook has been trying to find ways to make it easier for page admins to understand when a post is gaining popularity (through highlighting it in the admin panel), but now marketers can see how many times a post has been clicked on, as well as negative engagement such as hides and indications of spam.

Page admins also have deeper insights into the demographic makeup of their Facebook fanbase.

These improvements will start today, but will be gradually rolled out, so not everyone will have these new tools at first.

Facebook explained these changes in a blog post:

Facebook News Feed rewards quality posts with greater reach. One major consideration in gauging post quality is the relationship between positive interactions (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page). Historically, Page Insights has reported on posts’ performance, reach, and engagement in three distinct places. In the new Page Insights, we aggregate all these metrics into a post-specific score card, so marketers can evaluate positive and negative metrics together. This will help Page admins better identify content people interact with, produce more of it, and enjoy increased reach and impact on Facebook.

Here’s a preview of what page admins will see when they drill down to post-level metrics:

Additionally, Facebook will give page admins more data about people who not only comprise their fan base, but who is interacting with posts. This way, marketers can see the demographic breakdown of the people who actually care and engage with the page’s posts.

Facebook says that this will roll out globally and gradually. Page admins will be notified that they’ll gain access to these tools. Right now, Facebook will not change the insights export or application programming interface.

Readers: How do you feel about these changes?

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