Facebook’s App Center updated to support game trailers

Image via Facebook

Facebook has announced the launch of video support on App Center pages, giving developers a new way to draw users into their Facebook apps (specifically games). According to Facebook, App Center is the No 2. source of app installs on Facebook, so this is a huge positive for social game makers.

Game developers need to submit their videos for approval just as they submit other assets, like images. When Facebook approves the video, it’s added to the App Center page.

Developers can also customize their videos for international users by uploading multiple videos for different locations. These region-specific videos will be shown to users automatically, depending on their own preference for that location in their profile settings.

Game pages for titles including King’s Candy Crush Saga and Disney’s Words of Wonder have already been updated with videos. These start playing automatically, but without sound, giving users what Facebook calls a “way to instantly experience [the] game.” Sound can be turned on manually by the viewer.

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