Facebook’s Largest Fundraiser to Date Inspires 2 New Features

More than $25 million has been raised to support immigration advocacy over the past two weeks

Nearly $20.4 million has been raised from over 530,000 donors in more than 30 countries - Credit by Facebook
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Reunite an immigrant parent with their child: Fundraiser for RAICES has become Facebook’s largest fundraiser to date, and it spurred the social network to add two new features to its fundraisers tool.

Dave and Charlotte Willner started Reunite an immigrant parent with their child: Fundraiser for RAICES, which had raised nearly $20.4 million from over 530,000 donors in more than 30 countries at the time of this post.

Earlier this month, Facebook added the ability for brands and public figures to launch fundraisers for nonprofit causes. The social network announced Wednesday that pages can now donate to nonprofit fundraisers.

Facebook shared the example below from Miley Cyrus in which her foundation created a fundraiser in support of Kids in Need of Defense and the pop star donated to it using the new feature.

Also, people on Facebook can now make recurring monthly donations when they donate to nonprofit fundraisers or use the social network’s donate button to support nonprofits.

Facebook said that over the past two weeks, more than 60,000 fundraisers and donate button posts have been created to support organizations that are focused on immigration advocacy, including the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, the American Civil Liberties Union, KIND and the Texas Civil Rights Project.

The social network added that more than $25 million has been raised to support the cause over the past two weeks.

Asha Sharma, head of product, social good at Facebook, said, “It’s been incredible to see the ways our community has come together to support the causes they care about. Inspired by feedback from fundraiser creators, our nonprofit partners and our community, we’ve built two new product features aimed to make fundraisers even more impactful.”

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