Facebook’s Latest Button ‘Sends’ Privacy Message

Feature Allows Users to Share Links Privately

Move over Like and Poke, there is a new button in town. After a year of indiscriminately sharing links to articles, blogs, and NSFW Youtube videos, Facebook is rolling out the “Send” button, which allows users to privately share. By clicking Send on participating websites, users can transmit information to an individual, group, or even non-Facebook users via e-mail without the fanfare of a Like click.

Early Send adopters include websites such as Gilt Groupe, Huffington Post, and People.com. The Like button is used by 2.5 million websites to better integrate their products with Facebook’s vast platform. Send will likely follow in popularity.

The Send button is an attempt by Facebook to curry favor with skeptics who believe the site is going too far in sharing users' private information. In this vein, Facebook is also expected to launch improvements to Groups, the company’s feature that creates a microcosm of the larger site for a select audience.

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