Facebook’s latest iOS update brings structured status updates, better privacy settings

Structured status updates, previously only available on mobile web and desktop, have found their way to a Facebook native application. The latest Facebook for iOS update includes the ability to share what you’re eating, watching or reading.

Facebook also offered enhanced privacy settings, allowing users to change who sees content they’ve already posted.

The fun status updates that have been popping up all over Facebook, saying that a user is watching The Big Bang Theory, listening to Kanye West, eating bacon or playing Xbox are now able to be posted from iPhones and iPads.

Additionally, Facebook added a feature currently available on the Android native app — the ability to change privacy on things users have already posted. That means embarrassing photos only meant for college friends (but accidentally posted publicly) can now be changed from mobile.

Readers: What other improvements would you like to see on the iOS app?

Screenshots courtesy of The Next Web.


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