Facebook’s Graph Search API Has Minor Hiccup

Developers building on top of Facebook’s new Graph Search API just saw delays in real-time content from Facebook, although the service is working now. Third party social search startups including OneRiot and Booshaka, for example, were unable to provide updates from Facebook in their services.

The API, as a reminder, lets third parties access all publicly available content on Facebook — like links that users are publicly sharing — then mix it in with whatever services they want to create. It is potentially useful for anyone looking to aggregate and organize lots of public data.

Facebook provided us with this statement about the issue:

Our engineering team investigated questions about specific search functionality of the API and confirmed that at no point did search or other aspects of the Graph API go down. It appears that indexing of new stream content was delayed for 12 hours, but this has been fixed.

So this was a small hiccup from a service that has been live for only a few weeks — the sort of bug that one often sees with a new product at a fast-growing company.  But Facebook will, of course, need to improve the robustness of this service in order for third parties to fully use it. We expect this to happen.

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