Facebook's Timeline Doesn't Identify Who Unfriended You

Even if you enable timeline, there remains no instant way to see who has unfriended you -- but Facebook users continue to propagate the myth that you can.

Facebook users are forwarding posts about how timeline allegedly shows who has unfriended you, which is very ironic in addition to being misleading at best, but really just inaccurate.

Even if you enable timeline, there remains no instant way to see who has unfriended you.

The new profile shows friend lists on a year by year basis.

This barely changes the way people might figure out friend deletions today. If someone unfriended you within the past six months, the timeline wouldn’t help you at all.

What makes all this ironic: Posts falsely promising “see who has unfriended you” count among the spammiest type of malware that has spread across Facebook over the years.

Sadly, there are much cooler things about timeline that people have yet to notice.

One that I was going to enthuse about separately but that I’ll kvell about here: You can create public memorials to loved ones who have passed away, pegged to their date of death. I’m curating two of them, and a screenshot of one appears to the right.

Until this became an option within the life events submenu in timeline, either you had to create a community page devoted to the memory of a loved one or put the information somewhere in your profile. Neither was ideal.

Of course, there’s nothing ironic nor amusing about memorializing the deceased on Facebook, so it isn’t getting the kind of attention that the myth that “timeline shows who has unfriended you. “

The spread of myths about friend deletions underscores the vitality of the basic human desire to be liked and accepted — the converse of that, unfriending, strikes fear in people’s hearts.

Readers, what are your friends posting about timeline right now?