FaceCrypt Password App Uses Selfies to Secure Your Personal Data

Facial recognition usually makes us all a bit suspicious, but this new Facecrypt app harnesses that computational power for good. It’s a password management app that allows you to use your face as an added password. For added security, you can also add Liveness Detection to your password keychain to make sure blinking and other facial movements to thwart pirates who may have photos of you.

Like other facial recognition algorithms, the app does not keep a record of your photo – just measurements of it:

FaceCrypt takes measurements of your face and processes them transparently and quickly into a unique data set. On enrolment, the same measurement process happens again and compared against the original enrolled encrypted face. Of course this will not be 100% like for like since facial position, expression and lighting conditions will have differed. Even with variances, FaceCrypt has built in intelligence to still detect if you are the same person and authorised owner of the vault.

If you’re extra worried that someone might have a highly detailed video of your face, then you can set your facial recognition level to high and password and pattern matching. One problem you might encounter with the app is lack of lighting. Without a good phone camera with decent lighting, you might be locked out of your favorite secured passwords,and therefore locked out of your data, including things like bank and credit card records.

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