6 Ways Facial Hair Has Gone Social

Don’t be jealous of my impressive facial hair growth! From muttonchops to a handlebar mustache, give me two days, and I can manscape my face anyway I like (that is NOT me in the picture). I tend to keep my bushy face to myself, but there’s a growing number of men (and a few women!) utilizing new social media sites to show the world their active hair follicles.


A society that believes a beard is true masculinity, Whiskerino launched several years ago and encouraged visitors to grow a four-month beard and share the experience with the world. Best beard of the day was awarded King Beard; those who caved into society’s demand for clean-shaven folks, wind up in the Hall of Shame. The site is on indefinite hiatus, but you can’t mention the beard as a secondary sex characteristic without a Whiskerino reference. The archives live on and the blog is a great place to stay in the know of all the latest beard happenings on the Web.


From Hitler to Geraldo, it takes a uniquely confident man to rock a mustache. If your upper lip grows like a weed, then you should participate in Movember. Occurring every November, the annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, helps raise money for prostate and testicular cancer – along with other men’s health issues. The site also looks to include women by asking them to register online and recruit a team of fuzzy men. The site encourages people to take things off-line by hosting “Movember Gala Partés.”


Wahl, a manufacturer of facial hair trimmers and hair clippers, have a Man of the Year contest, aka A Facial Hair Face-Off. The online component has people uploading pictures of their hairy mugs and soliciting votes.   Finalists are chosen in the mustache, beard and goatee category, with the winner taking home flat-screen TVs and more.

The Beard

Paying homage to Thoreau, Darwin and several other bearded wonders, Scot, of Canada, is in the process of documenting 365 days of beard growth by posting daily self-portraits on The Beard. The goal is to raise awareness for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The good news is that it’s only day 79! Follow Scot’s chin growth on his Facebook Fan page.


Don’t have the hormonal prowess to grow you own? On the fence if the shape of your face can support a goatee? Get a preview of what you would look like with whiskers thanks to the Gillette Styler. Upload a photo, choose your facial hair style and then share the look with your friends.


Since 1995, The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a biennial event held to find and honor the best facial hair in the world! The first ever Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships will take place on Saturday, June 5, 2010, in Bend, Oregon.

A recent Cosmopolitan magazine poll revealed that 60% of women prefer a man with a beard.   So what are you waiting for? Grow that facial hair and share your ugly mug with the world!

Maybe we’ll start our own mini-competition here with the SocialTimes crew. I like my odds!