Fairphone Brings Social Ethics to Mobile Hardware

Fair Trade – it’s something typically associated with tea and coffee and not so much phones and tablets. Until now. While it may be easier to buy and use iPhones when you’re not thinking about the ethics of labor conditions, buying a Fairphone is just a simple web transaction away.

Since reaching their goal of 5,000 pre-sale orders, the makers of Fairphone will now produce a first production run of 20,000 smartphones:

Fairphone’s first handset will contain conflict-free minerals, tin and tantalum from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and be assembled in a factory where a specially established fund will ensure living wages are distributed among workers. It is a high performance Android phone with a rootable operating system. Its design will feature Dual SIM capability and is easy to repair with spare parts of all crucial components available through its sales channels. Fairphone will provide transparency about its bill of materials, its costs breakdown and its first-tier suppliers.

Get a Fairphone here.