Unofficial (Fake) Facebook App Becomes iPad Hit

An unofficial Facebook application has surged to the top of the iTunes charts after charging $2.99 for the only Facebook iPad application currently available. While it’s not clear whether or not Facebook will force the developers to shut the application down due to trademark infractions, it’s clear that hundreds, if not thousands of people have been duped. All that Joe Hewitt, the original developer of the official Facebook iPhone app could say is “#7 paid app is the 2.99 ‘Facebook Ultimate!’…. Sigh.”

I think the real issue with this application is that people who download the application might actually think that they are getting an official Facebook application, which it isn’t. It not only starts off with the Facebook name, but it also has a similar logo. Additionally, it doesn’t specifically state that it’s not an official app. While we’d assume that Facebook is considering development of an iPad app, this one is definitely not an application you’ll want to grab. Some developer has clearly made a decent amount from selling this app as it has been in the top 10 paid iPad applications for the past 24 hours.

There’s no doubt that having the ability to navigate through Facebook on the iPad would be useful. For now though, you can simply visit the website and it isn’t too much trouble thanks to the large screen. With around 1 million devices sold, there’s no way of telling how popular the device will become and while many popular sites have developed iPad applications, many others are still on the sidelines.

If you want to pay $3 to access Facebook through an application that makes Facebook harder to use, go grab Facebook Ultimate!. Otherwise, wait on Facebook to make an official version, or deal with browsing Facebook through your internet browser.

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