Family Feud Takes the Lead on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by DAU

With Treasure Isle’s growth having finally leveled off, this week was clear for Family Feud to take the top of our list of fastest growing Facebook games by daily active users. The popular trivia game gained some 331,282 new DAU over the week, according to AppData, although that figure is likely a bit inflated by the newest monthly active users.

One trend to note this week is that quite a few of the top 20 have relatively low DAU, mostly as a result of being newer. Older games, by and large, just aren’t growing — and that statement includes some of the games you can see below like MindJolt Games and YoVille, both of which are declining long-term.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Family Feud 1,173,163 +331,282 +39.35
2. Nightclub City 341,839 +215,664 +170.92
3. MindJolt Games 2,035,873 +172,887 +9.28
4. YoVille 1,717,026 +171,445 +11.09
5. Collect Roses 188,058 +160,656 +586.29
6. Social City 2,679,162 +103,039 +4.00
7. Zoo Paradise 990,786 +74,436 +8.12
8. Monster World 87,468 +73,300 +517.36
9. My Tribe 168,878 +69,840 +70.52
10. Kingdoms of Camelot 561,454 +67,998 +13.78
11. Bola 440,550 +58,183 +15.22
12. Garden Life 287,560 +54,750 +23.52
13. Treasure Isle 7,030,863 +50,535 +0.72
14. Ninja Saga 835,925 +42,963 +5.42
15. Ranch Town 85,278 +42,752 +100.53
16. Jungle Jewels 262,971 +42,027 +19.02
17. Profile Box 54,817 +38,843 +243.16
18. Name Analyzer 45,446 +38,832 +587.12
19. Games 345,991 +38,413 +12.49
20. Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 42,598 +36,012 +546.80

Of course, DAU is mostly useful as a long-term signal, taking on the most meaning once growth is fairly predictable. What you’re seeing on this week’s list are a lot of games just bringing in users for the first time, so relatively few are worth looking at through the DAU lens.

But there are a few. My Tribe is an interesting game; it’s among a new class of deeper games that try to draw in players for longer, more intense sessions. The game took a while to start getting traction, but now it’s doing quite well. Kingdoms of Camelot falls in the same general category and, impressively, just passed half a million DAU.

Down at number 13 we have Treasure Isle, the new Zynga game that we mentioned above. At this point, Isle’s new MAU growth has slowed down enough that its DAU will probably drop slightly over the next couple weeks. At the moment, it appears that 25 percent of its players come back on a daily basis; that number should probably be a couple percentage points lower, leaving Isle’s DAU under seven million.

Toward the end of the list, we find Games at number 19. What’s interesting here is that Games, a portal app of several hundred lower-case games, has actually shed roughly 300,000 MAU over the course of this month. But its DAU recently started rising, apparently the result of some new, interesting additions to the catalog.