Which Famous Twitter Users Get The Most Clicks? [CHART]

Celebrity culture is huge on Twitter. From the days of Ashton Kutcher‘s race to get to one million followers to Charlie Sheen‘s chaotic #tigerblood tweets, celebs have been in the 140-character spotlight for a long time.

But just how much attention do celebrities actually get on Twitter? A new study took a look at the click-through rate (CTR) of famous Twitter faces to find out.

Online Journalism Blog and journalist Patrick Scott (@Patrick_E_Scott) dug deep into data to understand which celebs saw the best CTR and why.

Part of the reason for this analysis was to debunk the myth that more followers (think about all the hype around Katy Perry or Justin Bieber on Twitter) means more influence.

Scott compared Perry to nine other celebs to see who has the best engagement:

You can see that despite her status as the most-followed user on Twitter (with about 48,500,000 followers), Perry comes in ninth out of the ten celebs when it comes to the percentage of followers who actually click links.

Scott also looked at how many followers a celeb has compared to how many accounts they themselves follow – the follower-following ratio. His analysis generally found that a lower ratio, or following more people rather than fewer, resulted in a better CTR.

And of course, impacting the CTR is the number of @replies and @mentions an account sends. The more of these, the more engagement that account is building with their community, and the more click-throughs they can reasonably expect to see in return.

A last little insight from the data: political tweets seem to get more retweets (if not a better CTR). Scott hypothesizes that this may be because politically-oriented tweeters are more likely to retweet a political view they share – whether or not they actually read the article the tweet refers to.

(Source: Online Journalism Blog; Hand clicking image via Shutterstock)

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