Fantasy University Opens Enrollment for Adventurers

Fantasy University, a unique and humorous social massive multiplayer game by gaming industry veterans Simutronics, is looking to breathe freshness into the MMOG space when it debuts in July on Facebook. Its mission: To produce Class-A Adventurers. Armed with an arsenal of pop-culture references and artistic imagination, the University aims to combine the elements of combat, exploration, puzzle solving and intellectual humor to deliver a truly adventurous education.

Students must first be accepted into the Fantasy University after they apply. Admitted students will then embark on a journey instilled with grown-up humor dialogue, fantasy art and exuberant pop culture references. Once they enroll, students can begin designing their character, choosing a character class (Dodgebrawler, Emomancer, Slackninja, Cheermonger or Mathemagician), socializing and joining guilds, gathering equipment as well as crafting items.

“We’re delighted, simply delighted!” said Thaddeus Lackpants VIII, a professor at the school, at the press conference held earlier today, adding, “The entire faculty and I are committed to our students receiving the finest Adventuring Education that delicious government funding can provide!”

The Elanthian Education Department of Elanthia, a real place, has made a bold move to support the University with a generous yet controversial bailout. The University, which was on the verge of financial disaster, hopes to live up to its new-found financial stability by continuing to produce sought-after alumni like Dodgebrawler extraordinaire Randy McDandy who is well known for his display of valor against the feared Badgerdragon before succumbing to his might.

For more information, check out the Fantasy University’s Facebook and Twitter pages, download the information pack or revel in Professor Lackpants’ zestful lectures and updates.