Farmville Coming to iPad, iPhone and Android?

Some recent sleuthing has uncovered that Zynga recently registered, and, and this may mean we can expect to see Farmville on the iPad, iPhone and Android sometime soon. While Zynga has deflected any questioning, the move would make a lot of sense, and it’s highly likely that Zynga is aware of how much they can make by extending the game to mobile

The analysis was done by sleuthing site superannuation and they discovered the various domains, along with The news is far from a confirmation of any of the games but when contact was made with Zynga, they chose not to deny or approve the rumors. Mashable reports Zynga as claiming: “Zynga plans to expand to various mobile platforms. We cannot provide additional information at this time.”

The move would definitely be a boon for gamers that want to continue their game of Farmville beyond the web. Players can already play on Facebook and The game is also available at MSN games. If they add it to the iPhone App Store, the number of downloads will probably shatter a few records. The question is whether it will be a connected game or not. Ideally, I can log in to my normal Farmville FB account through my iPhone and continue the game. This might be tricker on the Android, where varying hardware specs will make the game trickier to port.

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