Fast Company’s Canned Lion Awards

Fast Company used your humble editor here at FBLA to come up with a contest of what commercials are riffing or ripping each other off. That one commercial kind of like that other one? And the inexplicable use of movie spoofs to sell products? Commercials are weird.

We asked an industry insider to explain how this happens. “We have to watch spots constantly in order to anticipate some of these ‘overlaps’…it is nice to be able to call people out when they are not as careful. We are battling for the attention of the viewer who can fast forward right through something we spent a million dollars on, so unique and eye gluing concepts are gold. There are a lot of smart people churning out thousands of ideas, they are bound to ‘rediscover’ some old ones or have to dredge up some dead celebs and bring them back into the spotlight,” she tells FBLA.

Vote for which spots deserve the awards here.