Fast Company‘s Fast 50 Party

Some belated observations from Fast Company‘s 10th Anniversary party the other night.

1. It was refreshing to see a measured celebration for a magazine that has, from all accounts, been through the proverbial wringer (a sale, executive upheaval, eroding ad pages) the last year or so.

2. The signature drink for the evening — “Fastinis” (“Fast Company” + “martini” … Get it? Get it?) — while undeniably fun to say, were pretty much what you come to expect of martinis at media parties: Too fruity.

3. Some refreshingly heartfelt toasts, given by editor Mark Vamos and Mansueto Ventures’ Jay Goldberg.

4. Bill Clinton, one of the so-called Fast 50 was a no-show (we were told some of those profiled in the anniversary issue would be there) though sources say he’s bound for the upcoming Inc. 500 party in Savannah, Georgia.

5. And despite our personal goal of shaking a billionaire’s hand, Inc. and FC owner Joe Mansueto was not there, either. Mildly surprising. We had to settle for some of the city’s heavy-hitting bloggers, like Andrew Krucoff and Lockhart Steele.

Photos of a revelry 10 years in the making after the jump.

FC editor Mark Vamos and publishing director Jay Goldberg.

Victor Ruvolo, SVP and group client director, Carat USA, flanked by Vamos and Goldberg.

Vamos, Andrew Pedersen, advertising manager, FC, Ruvolo and Goldberg.

Marlene Kahan, executive director, American Society of Magazine Editors, with Lynn Moloney, FC‘s managing editor.

FishbowlNY guest editor Greg Lindsay with the simmering Village Voice columnist and author Anya Kamenetz.

FastCo.‘s numerous trophies, including the freakier-in-person National Magazine Award, the so-called Ellie (right and far left).