Fatfoogoo Gets Bought By Digital River For $10 Million

Digital River, a billion-dollar publicly traded e-commerce company, has bought the Austrian virtual goods company Fatfoogoo for $10 million, it announced yesterday.

Fatfoogoo started its current business of adding white-label monetization platforms to other games about four years ago, and has picked up several clients since, including the avatar maker mEgo and Gogogic, which has a small game on Facebook. Digital River was also listed as a partner before the acquisition.

It’s possible that the company was having trouble growing on its own; when we talked to them last September there were 22 employees, but VentureBeat reports that it now has 16.

For now, Digital River will keep Fatfoogoo based in Austria. For a bit more on the company’s view, you can check out a January guest post here on Inside Social Games by Dan Taylor of Fatfoogoo.

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