Fav.tv Makes It Easy To Follow TV Shows On Your Smartphone

Fav.tv is an online TV guide site that just launched both on the web and with free iOS and Android apps. Unlike other TV apps that follow Foursquare’s check-in model, Fav.tv focuses on making it easier for one to follow their favorite programs.

As I am writing this post I can only download the iOS version from the App Store, although a GigaOm article states that an Android app is also available. In the screen shot you see the home screen of the iOS version. The three red buttons you see on the screen are the default sections of the app, and the other two apps are for programs that I have pinned to the home screen for quick access.

The activity section is a Facebook-style news stream highlighting information related to your favorite shows or your Fav.tv friends. The Queue lists episodes of your favorite shows after they just aired, the idea is that you can quickly go to those episodes to read and write comments about them after watching the episode. What’s On shows a listing of the shows airing in prime time on the current date, and you can filter the list to just display your favorite shows.

Shows is where you go to search for a program in Fav.tv’s guide, and you will also see your favorite shows listed in this section. When you open a show in the Fav.tv app, you see a listing of its upcoming episodes, any activity specifically related to that show, and an entire listing of all that’s show’s episodes.

I appreciate the fact that the Fav.tv iPhone app is not a duplication of the Fav.tv web site, in fact, it appears to be a very small subset of the web site. Basically, the iPhone app focuses on those parts of Fav.tv that one would want to access from their phone, while all of the other content, such as an entire news feed and community forums are kept on the web site. The separation of features between mobile and desktop web site does mean that if you don’t access the web site you will missing a great amount of content that Fav.tv offers.

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