FC Barcelona Blankets New York

Tallying up the media stats.

One Associated Press article; 96 pick-ups. That’s just one of the stats tabulated by soccer club FC Barcelona about media coverage of this week’s opening of a New York office.


Meanwhile, when this week’s Facebook and Twitter impressions of content related to the Sept. 6 opening are added up, the total is just a shade shy of 90 million. It helped that there was lots to tweet and status-update about:

The moments most highlighted by the media were the image of the Barça flag on the façade of the Waldorf Astoria, the presence of Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho in the Bronx, the jockeys outside the 21 Club dressed in the Barça colours, Ronaldinho scoring a goal to inaugurate the office, the presence of top model Adriana Lima at the reception afterwards, the UNICEF event at the United Nations and, of course, the lighting up of the Empire State Building in the club colors.

Well played, Barça!

Image via: Twitter

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