FCC Inquiry Could Reveal NBCU’s Web Strategy

The FCC is currently investigating the proposed acquisition of NBC Universal by cable giant Comcast, and has asked both companies to send them information regarding their business practices. The result could be a mother lode of information regarding the current state of professional video content online. According to copies of the questions, the commission seems particularly interested in finding out what NBC’s digital strategy is (see page seven in the document embedded below).

The FCC also asks for “all discussions, deliberations, analyses, and decisions related to the possibility of Hulu charging a monthly fee to access content on their website.”

Of course, Disney-ABC and News Corp. might have something to say about that. For what it is worth, Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) is calling for a condition on the merger that would require Comcast to divest its stake in Hulu within a year of federal approval.

The questions are a very interesting read, here’s hoping we get some interesting (and only lightly redacted) answers.


The FCC’s very similar questions for Comcast are embedded below the fold.

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