FCC Nominees Still on Hold

Sen. Grassley Wants Answers on LightSquared

For the second time this year, the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday held its monthly meeting short of two Commissioners. It may stay that way for a while longer.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has no intentions of lifting his hold on FCC nominees Republican Ajit Pai and Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel, who are caught in the middle of Grassley's beef with how the FCC has handled LightSquared's requests to build out a wireless network. While Grassley's position hasn't changed, the FCC's on LightSquared has. On Tuesday, the agency said it would withdraw LightSquared's preliminary approval for building out its network because it interfered with GPS devices.

For Grassley, the FCC's reversal just confirmed for him what he suspected all along.

“The FCC’s action seems to acknowledge the point I’ve been making since April. Prematurely granting a conditional waiver in a rushed process is not the way to get the right result.  Now that the interference issue is settled, we need to find out more than ever why the FCC did what it did,” Grassley said.

Grassley has made repeated requests to the FCC to hand over documents related to the agency's temporary approval of the wireless project, but the FCC has refused because Grassley sits on the Judiciary not the Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over the FCC. Grassley put the nominees on hold soon after the nominees were voted out of the Senate Commerce Committee in December. 

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