Featherweight Games Launches Skiing Yeti Mountain on iOS, Android

The game parodies conspiracy theories, as users ski down hundreds of mountain courses in search of a yeti.

Featherweight Games has announced the release of Skiing Yeti Mountain on iOS and Android devices. The game is a level-based slalom title, challenging players to ski through hundreds of courses (both regular and challenge levels) in search of the elusive yeti. While the game is described as a bit of a parody of conspiracy theories, the developer has noble intentions with the game, as 50 percent of Featherweight’s profits from Skiing Yeti Mountain will be donated to Nepal earthquake relief.

In each level, players tap and hold their thumb on the screen to control their skier’s downhill descent. Gamers must move left and right to navigate slalom flags, and while players can brush by or run into flags without penalty, missing a flag entirely restarts the stage. Players earn experience points for completing courses, and additional points for beating their par completion times. As gamers level up, they receive free gear and new costumes for their character.

Courses become trickier as players advance, with the addition of ice patches, deep snow and cliff jumps, as examples. These are on top of the course designs themselves, which sometimes take players dangerously close to trees. If the default control scheme isn’t preferable, gamers can swap to swipe controls for changing their skier’s direction.

Players meet multiple characters as they travel down the mountain, with the game offering an interesting social media integration: players can interact with the game’s characters on Twitter. To be specific, Featherweight has created Twitter accounts for the game’s characters, and users can tweet questions and comments to these profiles from within the game. Featherweight will then respond to users in character.

Dylan Bevis, designer at Featherweight, told us:

We were really happy with how the characters turned out in the game, so the Twitter accounts felt like a nice way to give them a bit of life beyond the game itself. So far, it’s been a bit of work constantly keeping an eye on TweetDeck and looking for good opportunities to respond to people, but we hope it adds that little bit extra to the experience for people who engage with it.

Skiing Yeti Mountain is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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