Featured Facebook Campaigns: Bonobos, Nitto Tires, Zazzle and Visiteurope.com

Facebook contests used everything from discounts to cars to photos this week in our featured campaigns. We spoke to the VP of Marketing for Bonobos, looked at Nitto Tires’ car design sweepstakes, Zazzle’s giveaway and visiteurope.com’s photo entry contest.

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Bonobos’ 50 for 50 Facebook Campaign

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Network Exposure, Brand Loyalty

Core Mechanic: A Facebook campaign that gives users a higher discount on Bonobos merchandise as more users Like the Page.

Method: Bonobos bills itself as a web-driven men’s apparel brand and e-tailer, that uses heavy Facebook integration. We spoke to the company’s VP of Marketing Richard Mumby, who told us that Facebook ads and its Page were responsible for 50% of the company’s new customers.

This particular campaign, like most of the company’s campaigns, was developed in-house and takes a concept we’ve seen primarily with charities — pegging monetary amounts to the number of Likes a Page receives — and changes it up for retail. Essentially this campaign will provide users with 50% off purchases up to $500 on October 3 from the Bonobos website if the Page reaches 50,000 Likes by September 30. The campaign started at 23% to represent the 23,000 Facebook Likes it had. Mumby said the Facebook ads originally paired with the campaign became irrelevant because the virality of the campaign was taking care of itself. Currently the Page stands at 46,100 Likes.

Bonobos views Facebook as a way to engage customers with the brand, taking customers on a journey using the language and products that are already familiar to them. Facebook helps Bonobos bring the brand to life, as the tone the company uses to engage customers is “the way guys talk,” and then make the transition from knowing the brand to becoming a customer.

“The language we use and the syntax, the style of talking and engagement, is very much guy-to-guy, and so Facebook works very well for us,” he told us. “What we understand is that the more people that become a part of our Facebook community, the easier it will be for us to grow our business.”

Impact: The 50 for 50 campaign began on Sept. 12 and runs until Sept. 30 and already the campaign has already grown the Page to over 46,000 Likes. PageData highlights that in the days after the campaign launched the Page’s growth grew steeply.

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