Featured Facebook Campaigns: Virgin America, Seattle’s Best Coffee, DreamWorks, Toyota and More

Celebrities, videos, check-ins, free food, cartoons and games were used in our featured Facebook campaigns this week, with varying results. The DNA Foundation incorporated celebrities, videos and pulling in a user’s photo to be a part of the campaign. Virgin America compiled check-ins to promote a new airport terminal while Aveda used check-ins to raise money for Japan disaster relif. Seattle’s Best Coffee gives out free coffee and laughs, Pretzel Crisps also gave out free food, and a Toyota vehicle became an in-game virtual good in Monopoly Millionaires.

We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Virgin America’s Terminal 2 Takeover Leaderboard

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: A Facebook or Foursquare check-in leaderboard, Terminal 2 Takeover, at San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2.

Method: Essentially, the Context Optional app aggregates mobile check-ins on the T2 Takeover tab of Virgin America’s Facebook Page. The leaderboard launched on April 9 and so far there are 101 check-ins on the tab. Users can check-in at several spots around Terminal 2 to win points, move up on the leaderboard and receive badges such as: Ground Crew, Flight Crew, Navigator, Co-Pilot and Captain.

Impact: So far the check-ins number 101; the Page’s total Likes passed 90,000.

DreamWorks Animation’s “Kung Fu Panda 2” Fan Parade

Goal: Engagement, Network Exposure, Product Purchase, Page Growth

Core Mechanic: A Facebook Connect application that pulls a users’ photo and allows them to select an avatar in keeping with the “Kung Fu Panda 2” movie to participate in the “parade” to celebrate the movie’s May 26 release.

Method: The Connect application for “The Awesomest Parade Ever” pulls the users’ photo, but also the photos of that user’s friends. When the user’s avatar starts the “parade” with other “Kung Fu Panda 2,” their avatar leads and eventually avatars with the profile photos of a user’s friends begin the parade as well. When a user spots a friend they want to bring into the app, they can click on their avatar and publish a “snapshot” to their friend’s Wall, as though they were in a real parade.

Impact: Overall this is a strong, innovative, intuitive viral mechanic in keeping with the theme of the “Kung Fu Panda 2” movie.

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