Federal News Radio Unveils New Logo

Federal News Radio unveiled their new logo today, which program director Lisa Wolfe says better reflects the organization as a multimedia news outlet.

The station hired the design firm Marstudio to rebrand the station to add emphasis to the online aspect of the publication. Previous logos have featured the station’s dial position, which used to be 1050 AM and is now 1500 AM, while having the website in a smaller font at the bottom.

Because the station now reaches most of its audience through digital platforms, the organization wanted to make the website URL the emphasis. The new logo is a complete departure from the old, using darker shades of the red and blue that were used in past logos, and implementing a new symbol, which was formed from the idea of the Pentagon.

The new logo is a vast improvement. See the old one after the jump…

The new logo still features the dial position of 1500 AM, but as a secondary element, with “Federal News Radio.com” being the prominent element. The “.com” part is dropped from the logo on the website, though, as Wolfe says that including it would be redundant.

Wolfe wrote a riveting first-hand account of the station’s logo evolution since it first broadcast in 2006. It can be found here. It provides an explanation of the station’s process in creating the new logo, and examples of logos that were developed as ideas during the process.

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