Federal News Website Gets a Makeover

A news site about internal government business is about as exciting as it sounds. But GovExec.com is trying.

The new GovExec has a ton of white space, which makes it easier to distinguish headlines. And not all the news is bland, fed stuff. There’s a “play of the day” feature that pulls political humor from the previous day’s late-night shows (something that Politico CLICK often does) and there are wire feeds at the bottom of the home page for broader news from The Atlantic and NJ.

“[O]ur federal readers will realize that they now have an all-day information resource equal to the task of helping them navigate the challenges they face going forward,” Peter Goldstone, president of Government Executive Media Group, said in an internal memo.

GEMG relaunched the site Monday as part of a multi-step effort to modernize the way it delivers news to federal employees. They’re getting fancy with an iPad app to complement the site. It’s set to launch later in the month.