Feedly adds 3M users in 2 weeks, updates mobile apps

In the aftermath of Google announcing it will shut down RSS content aggregator Google Reader on July 1, alternative RSS services prospered from a huge influx of users searching for a replacement, including Feedly, which today announced that it’s added 3 million new users in two weeks since Google’s announcement and updated its mobile apps.

The new version of Feedly adds improved discovery, search and sharing features for iOS and Android devices. Most notably, Feedly updated its search engine for the app, which now allows users to search through more than 50 million feeds, with the ability to browse by topic.

“The more you use Feedly to search, categorize and follow your favorite feeds, the better our search and discovery will become,” the company writes in its blog post.

Another prominent feature in the mobile app update is “Must Reads,” which allows users to label new posts from their feeds as a “must read,” moving up the selected posts to the top of the “Today” section. Feedly also added more sharing options to the mobile app, adding Google+ and Buffer to the list of sharing options which already included Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. On top of that, users can now save articles to read it later services like Pocket and Instapaper. Lastly, the company added a new title-only view to the app, akin to Google Reader’s view.

Feedly co-founder Cyril Moutran told GigaOM in an email that a “significant proportion” of its users say they’re up for paying for Feedly. So later this year, the company plans to launch a premium, subscription-based version of Feedly. Added features for the premium version may include improved Evernote and Dropbox integration.