Feedly Cloud, Google Reader Alternative, Now Live

Feedly, an RSS reader alternative to Google Reader, is has released both a web and cloud based version of its service. The service now lets users import their Google Reader feeds and access them on the cloud or through a web browser.

Here is more from the company’s blog:

We have also been collaborating with developers of other reader applications to build a simple and ultra fast API to feedly cloud. This means you will have a fast growing collection of awesome apps to expand your feedly cloud experience…Feedly cloud also powers a brand new, standalone Web version of feedly (no plugins or extensions needed), making feedly available from any browser, including Opera and Internet Explorer. This was one of the most requested features, and we are thrilled to deliver on this today.

Feedly’s user base has been soaring since Google announced that it was going to kill Google Reader. Earlier this year, the company had 4 million users and now counts more than 12 million users as of the end of May.

Google Reader is going away on June 26th, and a number of services have popped up to help readers survive including FlowReader, which we covered yesterday. For more alternatives to Google Reader, check out our list of 5 Tools to Use When Google Reader Dies.