Feel the World is Against You? Here’s the ‘Perfect Job’

We’d put money on this idea coming from sitting in traffic.

From the always polite Craigslist:

Seeking Writer for Forum on Rudeness (Valley)

Date: 2010-04-01, 4:38PM PDT

Reply to: gigs-ebmuh-1672378602@craigslist.org

I’ve been developing a forum website on the topic of rudeness… telephone rudeness, driving rudeness, restaurant rudeness, work-related rudeness, spousal rudeness, etc. My way of paying would be that we would be partners. This means that you can’t quit your day job. But down the line, I believe that there would be significant income from this venture. Your share would be 40%. Profit would come from paid advertising and also membership fees for deluxe posting options.

I invite you to brainstorm with me regarding the direction of the site. You would be the main operations person, running the day to day. You would be the main moderator for the forum. My expertise is in the marketing and SEO, intitial (sic) web setup.

I don’t usually like sarcasm, but the type of person who would be just perfect for this job is someone who themselves feels the world is against them and would have a passion about exposing various injustices that occur in the world along with featuring our members’ gripes.

If you are familiar with vbulletin forum software, that would be fantastic, but not a requirement.