Feeling a Bit Hefty Lately? Survey Shows Majority of Workers Gained Weight at Work

scaleYou may be feeling like your pants have shrunk but let’s face it, thanks to the polar vortex the threads may be slightly tighter this time of year.

A new CareerBuilder survey actually confirms that state of behind. More than half of workers categorize themselves as overweight. To that point, 39 percent revealed they’ve gained weight at their current job and 21 percent packed on more than 10 pounds (nine percent gained more than 20 pounds).

Let’s not forget about the healthy group since 16 percent of respondents reported actually having lost weight on their job. There’s also the middle ground — 45 percent indicated their weight has not fluctuated at all.

Per the survey, management folks are most likely to gain a few pounds. Maybe that’s attributed to more lunch meetings, dinners with clients and less time to workout? Hmmm.

Age plays a role, too. Employees over the age of 35 reported gaining weight compared to their 35 and under counterparts. The 18 to 24-year-old group was least likely to gain weight — no surprise there with their fast metabolisms.

As for gender, more women than men have gained weight on the job; 46 percent of female workers revealed they’ve gained weight compared to 33 percent of men. Men are more likely to exercise more frequently but this number doesn’t seem too significant; 59 percent of men in the study reported going to the gym regularly compared to 56 percent of women.

Geographically speaking, workers on the west coast were more likely to gain weight, then the northeast, then the south and lastly the midwest. Although the report seems to be based on full-time work we can’t help but wonder what the statistics would be like for freelancers?

Regardless, as temperatures heat up it seems the good ol’ rules to staying slim apply more than ever. The first one? Avoid too many treats at the office. Ever have one of those coworkers who always brings in leftover cake or treats of some sort on a Monday morning? They’re looking to get it out of their house and somehow it finds its way into your mouth and consequently on your hips. The piece recommends limiting yourself to one treat per week or only on Fridays.

Next, ensure exercise is part of your routine even if it means taking a 20-minute lunch break to get fresh air and get moving. You can sneak it into your day even by parking further away from the front doors or getting off the bus or subway one or two stops early.

Lastly, brown bag it. Per the piece, 28 percent of employees who have gained weight in their current job attribute it to eating lunch out regularly. The key to packing your own lunch entails portion control and it prevents you from being in a deli or otherwise tempting situation to make unhealthy choices with impulse purchase decisions.

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