Feministing Blasts Newsweek Article

Newsweek recently published an article that attempts to do the impossible: Make everyone feel bad for privileged white males. The piece describes this demographic as “Beached White Males,” and laments the fact that they’re losing jobs, as if that’s something that is only happening to them.

Never mind the fact that minorities and women experience far worse conditions, white males are losing jobs, so we should all be concerned about unemployment rates because now it matters.

But enough from FishbowlNY, Feministing destroys the Newsweek piece in a much better way than anything we can come up with:

Newsweek, your privilege is showing. Instead of ‘Beached White Males,’ BWM might as well stand for ‘Bring Whitey Money’ or ‘Blacks Working Mysteriously.’ Except they don’t work mysteriously. They work hard, like everyone else in this country, and to single out privileged white guys as the only ones deserving of economic reward and stability is so blubbering and short-sighted that I’m tempted to believe the authors of the article are whales themselves.

Enough said.

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