Few New Names Appear on This Week’s List of Top Facebook Gainers by MAU

Although the games category pulsed with activity last week on Facebook, there wasn’t a lot to see outside of it in terms of growth. New games from Electronic Arts, Playdom, CrowdStar and others appear on this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by monthly active users, but only a handful of non-game apps put in an appearance.

At the top is Hotel City, the latest from EA, and it’s followed by Playdom’s Social City. The thematic similarity is weaker than the names might suggest — Social City follows in the gaming classic SimCity’s footsteps, while Hotel City has players manage the guests in a virtual hotel. We’ll discuss these two, along with their relations, in more depth at Inside Social Games.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Hotel City 2,403,721 +2,138,035 +804.72
2. Social City 11,600,887 +1,991,710 +20.73
3. Static FBML 52,515,053 +1,834,047 +3.62
4. Zoo Paradise 2,652,293 +1,218,560 +84.99
5. FarmVille 83,203,714 +1,156,856 +1.41
6. Texas HoldEm Poker 29,777,714 +1,113,598 +3.88
7. Facebook for iPhone 30,997,844 +1,021,971 +3.41
8. Bubble Island 4,755,265 +1,004,943 +26.80
9. Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos] 1,978,720 +983,399 +98.80
10. PetVille 21,202,209 +903,262 +4.45
11. Tiki Resort 4,391,070 +710,282 +19.30
12. Especially for You 1,201,844 +494,184 +69.83
13. Your Luck [daily] 3,091,249 +493,677 +19.01
14. Mobile 19,861,517 +462,196 +2.38
15. Show Some Love! 2,872,958 +460,164 +19.07
16. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 15,758,724 +416,351 +2.71
17. Family Feud 523,857 +410,985 +364.12
18. What Song Was #1 on your Birth Date? 634,796 +403,890 +174.92
19. Pet Society 19,737,095 +379,172 +1.96
20. Towner 2,052,310 +338,687 +19.76

We always skip over Static FBML, as it’s just an in-house Facebook app pegged to Page visits. The next non-game app that comes up is Facebook for iPhone, which reliably shows up almost every week. Still, its growth of a million MAU is stronger than usual, perhaps the result of Apple’s ongoing iPad press blitz.

Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos], a quiz that has users answer questions about their friends, almost doubled in size over the week. Facebook recently banned many English-language versions of this type of quiz, but it’s not clear yet whether the platform’s compliance team will crack down similarly on foreign-language quizzes.

Getting into the lower rankings, Especially for You and Show Some Love! are both gift / poke apps, while Your Luck [daily] throws users a random percentage number as a sort of quickie horoscope. And What Song Was #1 on your Birth Date?, at number 18, is making good progress with matching user’s birth dates against the historical billboard charts from the US and UK.

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