Fill-In Anchor Mutters Explective On-Air, Loses Job & Potential New One, Too

Ode to social media. Or not.

Here’s why: fill-in anchor and on-air reporter Justin Kraemer was fired from KSN in Kansas earlier this week for blurting an expletive on-air and thought a potential job in Colorado Springs was going to move forward.

Well, that was then and this is now and he’s still looking for a new job.

Per The Wichita Eagle, he was in final negotiation stages for a job at KOAA-TV but alas, his expletive went viral. Yesterday morning station managers informed him they weren’t going to move forward with a job offer.

He stated, “The conversation was very clinical and professional, and they informed me that this got a lot more attention than anyone could have possibly imagined when everything got started. They’re in a difficult situation because they don’t want to get national or global publicity just for making a reporter hire.”

If there’s anything we can learn from this lesson it’s to not inform anyone of employment until it’s signed, sealed and delivered. And oh yeah, try not to drop any expletives while cameras are rolling.

A few days ago, per the piece, he indicated he already had a new job lined up. Although he didn’t mention the employer, this news went viral and then stories started pointing to KOAA as the new employer.

Kraemer mentioned, “I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten. I can’t emphasize that enough. It’s been a difficult week. The only thing that’s gotten me through it is the anonymous love I’ve gotten from a lot of people.”

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