FilmFish Film Recommendation App Launches on iOS

The app allows users to browse movie recommendations curated by "film buffs."

Film recommendation application FilmFish launched on iOS. The app allows users to browse movie recommendations curated by “film buffs.”

The FilmFish app was created by film critic Joyce Kulhawik, actor Topher Grace, serial entrepreneur Simon Borrero, Sundance Film Festival featured producer Daniel Posada and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professors Donald Sull and David Hartzband.

FilmFish Screenshots

Once users download FilmFish, they can select the streaming services they currently use or subscribe to, which allows the app to recommend movies to them based on their availability on those services. Specifically, the app allows users to select from Netflix, Crackle, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus.

From there, users can search for films manually or browse curated lists in a variety of genres or themes such as action, comedy and romance. When browsing a list, users can tap each movie to learn more about it, and they also can tap the “Free for Me” button to filter the list to only show films that are available on their subscribed services.

A movie’s page includes a variety of information about the movie, such as its description and its rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A movie’s page also lists the streaming services where it is currently available. Finally, a movie’s page includes links to similar movies that users may wish to browse. Users can watch a trailer for each movie without leaving the app.

Elsewhere, users can save movies to their profiles to access their pages again later on, and they can also flag movies as “Seen It” to indicate they’ve already watched them. In addition, a “Weekly Picks” section allows users to browse film recommendations based on specific themes such as “Golden Oldie,” “Chick-Flick” and so on.

FilmFish is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Android.