FiLMiC Pro Promises to Take the iPhone Videos You Share to the Next Level

Apple’s $4.99 iMovie for the iPhone and iPad performs fine for me as a simple on-the-go video editor. However, if you want to give the videos you share a little something extra, you might want to consider at this $2.99 app that promises to give you a lot more control over the video recording process.

FiLMiC Pro (iTunes App Store)

The app’s numerous options include:

– 3 separate shooting modes
– 3 selectable resolutions
– 26 different variable frame rates
– Custom slate configurations
– Grids
– Front Facing Camera Support
– Import Button for easy editing
– Overlays
– Colorbars up to 15 seconds
– Upload video directly to: DropBox, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, an FTP Server or Tumblr

Note that you will need a product similar to Tiffen’s Steadicam Smoothee in order to achieve the kind of smooth motion you see in the example video embedded below.

Skyhawk – FiLMiC Pro promo from FiLMiC Pro on Vimeo.

FiLMiC Pro promotional video