Filmmaker Evan Mather Documents Buckminster Fuller’s Failed Dome

When you think Buckminster Fuller, of course you think “domes.” But we’d wager that a close second would be “futurist.” Unfortunately, while that title has stuck, not all of his work has been so fortunate. Below you’ll find the trailer for Evan Mather‘s documentary, A Necessary Ruin: The Story of Buckminster Fuller and the Union Tank Car Dome, which tells the story of a Fuller dome built in Baton Rouge for the railroads, but became obsolete in just a few short years, fell into disrepair quickly, and was ultimately bulldozed. Here’s the trailer:

Mather’s film, which judging on that seems like it’ll be superb, looks to be currently making the screening rounds, having just played at New York’s Center for Architecture last week, so keep an eye on his site for upcoming dates or for when it goes on sale. Architectural Record also has some great details about the dome and the documentary.

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