Introduce Your Favorite Bands to FILTER

Always the one recommending music to your friends? Take it up a notch and introduce your favorite bands to FILTER magazine.

Created as an extension of Filter Music Media  in 2002, FILTER magazine remains true to its indie roots, anchored by the slogan/mission, “Good music will prevail.” What defines “good music” is ultimately up to the readers, but Pat McGuire, FILTER‘s editor-in-chief, is less inclined to cover the same mainstream, pop-friendly acts as [other] ‘zines.

“From the very beginning, we sought to expose music that doesn’t just exist to sell records and put a pretty face out there to the world,” he said.

And if you’re looking to write for the pub, “you have to make yourself stand out,” said McGuire. For pitching etiquette and editors’ contact info, read How To Pitch: FILTER.

Sherry Yuan

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