Final Fantasy On Facebook? Square Enix Announces Social Games Plans

A recent interview in Famitsu game magazine, a Square Enix producer confirmed that he’s working on several social games for social networking sites. He didn’t indicate which games or social networks are involved in the projects, but hinted at their social networking game strategy being similar to their iPhone strategy, which means there may be “basic ports of Final Fantasy”.

Being a huge Square Enix fan, I’ve played their now decently sized collection of iPhone games and have noticed the quality steadily increasing. Most interestingly, their latest game, Chaos Rings, is a full 3D RPG game that feels like a graphically-scaled down but fully featured console RPG. It has a vast story, a detailed battle engine and various levels and skills to acquire. Prior to that, they released a series of innovative strategy games that were similar to desktop tower defense, but in the Final Fantasy world. The most important releases (and surprises) on there, though, were Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II. Both games are available for iPhone and have had their graphics rehauled. Well, according to the producer (Kudos to for finding the article in Famitsu, btw) we may see something similar on social networks:

In an interview printed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, Square Enix producer Takehiro Ando confirmed that he’s working on several game projects for social-networking sites. “We’re right in the midst of several titles right now,” he said. “In terms of content, it’ll be a response to what fans would likely be expecting of us, like ‘What would a social game from Square Enix be like?’. When I produce a game, I try to value those expectations as much as I can, so I’m thinking of a social game that emphasizes story and background the way that Square Enix is known for.”

Will we see additional social features on some of the games? Imagine a turn-based RPG created by Square where you could play against other players that are logged in. A 2D Final Fantasy where you roam the world and can fight or trade with other parties. How about a Final Fantasy Tactics style strategy RPG where you can play against each other move by move over days? The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure Square fans all over the world are excited.

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