Finally, a Beer Ad that Owns Beer-Induced Hilarity

Most beer ads want men to believe that imbibing certain brands of adult beverages will make them super-masculine, epic sports fans, or irresistible to the opposite sex. But here, finally, is a beer ad campaign that not only admits to, but owns the often hilariously ill-advised idiocy and male bonding that result from, you know, drinking a lot of beer.

Carlton Dry, with Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, Australia at the helm, is celebrating such inebriated antics in its latest ads, a series of vignettes that depict scenes of beer-induced adventures. The spots are part of the brand’s #HelloBeer campaign.

Is it pretty much always good PR (and socially wise) for booze brands to promote responsible drinking habits? Yes. But considering no one in the ads gets behind the wheel of a car or does anything that could be truly threatening to anything but one’s own pride, we think the message is simple, honest, playful and effective: Drink beer; have fun. The end.

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