Finally, An iPhone App for Quora… Almost

Been wondering when Quora is going to release an iPhone App? Well, your question has kind of been answered, as Quora indorses unofficial Social Questions App.

Been wondering when Quora is going to release an iPhone App? Well, your question has kind of been answered, as Quora endorses unofficial Social Questions App.

With question-and-answer sites popping up left, right, and centre, and competition from Facebook’s Question’s feature, Quora has rallied its official support behind  an unofficial iPhone app called Social Questions. Developed by Thomas Riccouard, the app “will let you access and browse the Quora mobile website with cool shortcuts and a fast navigation. (Faster than Safari Mobile). Once connected with your Quora account you will be able to access your home page, inbox, notifications and your profile.”

While Social Questions provides functional access to Quora, Riccourd likely shouldn’t get too excited yet. Quora hired an iOS developer in early 2011 which means that an official Quora App could be in the works. In fact, one wonders why an App hasn’t been released already. The question and answer format lends itself perfectly to a Quora app, and with at least 11 million in venture funding, Quora definitely has the money to spend on development.

However, it’s likely the App got lost in the shuffle of site development, buzz generating and growth. Keep in mind, Quora wasn’t public a year ago, and while Quora might’ve predicted (or hoped) for their current level of popularity, one thing Quora couldn’t have predicted was the sudden surge of interest in the question and answer format; so, as Quora was getting started, it likely made more sense to prioritize other development issues before thinking about an app. However, the climate has changed, and to compete, Quora will need to develop an app sooner rather than later.

If you were wondering when you’d get an App to connect you to Quora, the answer is now, but if you’re wondering about an official Quora app, the answer is: soon?

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