Financial Services and Net Neutrality Are Red-Hot Topics on LinkedIn

Opinion: Bitcoin climbed up the professional network’s Q4 Content Insights Quarterly

What were financial services professionals reading about on LinkedIn in Q4 2017? JasonDoiy/iStock

The fourth edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly uses LinkedIn data to examine what kinds of content members are engaging with on the platform, including the kinds of articles a particular audience—in this edition, financial services professionals—is interacting with.

This information is invaluable for content marketers looking to engage LinkedIn members on the platform.

For the final quarter of 2017, we examined the articles and topics that caught the eye of financial services professionals. With the stock market regularly setting records, the financial services sector wields powerful influence in the American and global economy. The window we provide on what content financial services are engaging with on LinkedIn gives marketers insight into how to reach this important and lucrative audience.

We also tracked conversation about net neutrality, a controversial topic that has huge implications into how people access their favorite websites and other digital content. We gauged what top five articles about net neutrality are capturing LinkedIn members’ attention. (To see previous dives into the content our members our reading on LinkedIn, view our reports from the first, second and third quarters).

Top topics for financial services professionals

The top topics that financial services professionals engaged with on LinkedIn in the fourth quarter of 2017 were all directly related to the industry and ranged from reinsurance to fixed annuities to investment banking. The topics show the wide breadth of the financial services industry and how content is being published on LinkedIn that reaches every corner of this crucial economic sector.

Lessons for marketers: The content that financial professionals are engaging with on LinkedIn shows that there is genuine discussion of real business topics taking place on the platform. Marketers should understand that members are seeking information on LinkedIn that can give them a professional edge, and the most effective content marketers are publishing useful content to stand out.

The top 10 topics were:

  1. Reinsurance
  2. Home equity loans
  3. Deposits
  4. Working with brokers
  5. Underwriting
  6. Fixed income
  7. Fixed annuities
  8. ETFs
  9. Commercial banking
  10. Investment banking

Net neutrality was big-time buzzy

In a controversial move last December, the Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality rules, which potentially could change how U.S consumers receive and pay for Internet access. This complex topic generated a lot of engagement on the LinkedIn platform. The top five articles that LinkedIn members engaged with provide a handy overview of what the FCC’s move means and what could be next.

Lessons for marketers: LinkedIn members are visiting the platform to read about the important business stories of the day. They using the content published on the platform to wade through difficult issues that could impact their business. Skilled content marketers shouldn’t shy away from publishing content that offers a viewpoint or an explanation of complex and even controversial business issues.

The top five articles were:

  1. FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules
  2. Net Neutrality Ends and Boy, Is the Internet Enraged
  3. FCC Announces Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality
  4. The FCC has unveiled its plan to repeal its net neutrality rules
  5. The Death of the Internet: What Happens Now?

Other hot topics

The top topics that are engaging the broad audience of members on LinkedIn show the breadth of topics that interest professionals. Leadership and management continue to be the top two topics driving engagement on the platform. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin broke into the top 10 for the first time, underscoring its rapid rise and demonstrating the interest that it has created among LinkedIn members.

Lessons for marketers: LinkedIn members are using the platform to become better at their jobs, advance their careers and keep abreast of the latest developments impacting business. If marketers can create content that will provide insight into leadership, recruiting and networking, there’s an audience waiting for just that kind of material.

The top 10:

  1. Leadership
  2. Management
  3. Sales
  4. Startups
  5. Interviewing
  6. Investments
  7. Recruiting
  8. Networking
  9. Operations management
  10. Bitcoin

Jenn Brett leads Americas insights for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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