Financial Times Revamps Site

Faster. More financial. Or whatever.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 8.57.05 AMThe Financial Times has revamped its site. The new look was designed with speed—it apparently loads desktop pages in 1.5 seconds—and customization in mind.

“We have designed our new digital platform around our readers’ preferences and usage, so it’s very fast, optimized for mobile, with smart navigation and personalization,” said FT CEO John Ridding, in a statement. “As a result, readers are spending more time on the site and that will help deliver further growth in our global subscriber base.”

The new was also created using reader feedback, specifically how they typically used the site. “Words, pictures, data and image combine seamlessly,” explained FT editor Lionel Barber. “Stories are not grouped according to old newspaper definitions, but to the way readers actually navigate, save and share their news.”